Distributed Control System

For the engineering of distributed control systems and SCADA systems for continuous and discontinuous batch plants, we offer extensive services.

We work with the following distributed control systems:

  • Honeywell Experion PKS
  • Siemens PCS7

and the SCADA systems

  • Proficy iFIX from GE
  • Siemens WinCC

General services:

  • Creation of specification books
  • Creation of function plans with S88.01
  • Configuration of process control systems
    • Continuous Function Chart (CFC) – Einzelsteuerebene
    • Sequential Function Charts (SFC) – Schrittketten
    • Control engineering
    • Adaptive control engineering
    • Creation of process pictures
    • Reporting
    • Binding of foreign automation systems and package units
  • Long-term data history
  • Network- and firewall planning
  • Implementing

Services with Batch-DCS:

  • Consulting for the design of the procedural plant in view of efficient automation with a Batch-DCS
  • Configuration of the batch system
    • Basic configuration
    • Configuration of recipes / partial recipes / basic operations
    • User-specific batch reports
    • Programming of user-specific interfaces to MES
  • Implementing

Special services:

  • Programming of PLI (Phase Data Interface) for the interconnection of SPS with batch systems
    • e.g. PLI for Siemens S7 SPS for interconnection with Proficy iBatch from GE (compatible with Rockwell)
  • Phase standard function module for Siemens S7 SPS in association with the PLI above
    • Standard procedure for creation of phases with S7-Graph
    • Comfortable creation with Step7
    • Opportunies like with a “real” distributed control system