• “Application Systems” means any software solutions that run on Windows operating systems. In order to work with them, the operator must “log in” = “authenticate” with his user name and password to the application. If the operator leaves his workplace, he is usually “logged out” on the application to ensure data security.
  • Modular set-up of software by use of LogOnPlus connectors and adapters
  • flexible and easy to extend
  • Manual Login possible at any time
  • On a short work station leave, the CSS-time determines if the user must type in his password entry after his return. If he returns within the CSS-time, the simple placement of the company ID card on top of the card reader is sufficient to authenticate. In this case, no password input is required.
  • Integrated on-screen keyboard for touch panels without keys providing access to the Windows interface

For further information please visit www.logonplus.com!